Heritage Placer Vineyards is an active adult community with 1100 homes built by Lennar Homes. The floor plans are made up of 3 unique home collections of single story homes, The Emilia, The Lazio, and The Molise collections with sizes ranging from 1,260 square feet to 2,993 square feet with 13 floorplans. This gated community will feature a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, sport courts, and pickleball courts.

The Molise 1,260 sq. ft - 1,784 sq. ft. 
The Lazio 1,902 sq. ft - 2,423 sq. ft.
The Emilia 2,405 sq ft- 2,993 sq. ft.
Residence_1260.pdf (Molise Collection 1,260 sq. ft)
Residence_1444.pdf (Molise Collection 1,444 sq. ft)
Residence_1712.pdf (Molise Collection 1,712 sq. ft)
Residence_1784.pdf (Molise Collection 1,784 sq. ft)
Residence_1903.pdf (Lazio Collection 1,903 sq. ft)
Residence_2014.pdf (Lazio Collection 2,014 sq. ft)
Residence_2246.pdf (Lazio Collection 2,246 sq. ft)
Residence_2405.pdf (Emilia Collection 2,405 sq. ft)
Residence_2423.pdf (Lazio Collection 2,423 sq. ft)
Residence_2579.pdf (Emilia Collection 2,579 sq. ft; Main home with Private Next Gen Suite)
Residence_2709.pdf (Lazio Collection 2,709 sq. ft) 
Residence_2756.pdf (Emilia Collection 2,756 sq. ft)
Residence_2993.pdf (Emilia Collection 2,993 sq. ft)