7 Things to Know Before Buying a Home in Sun City Roseville, California

Things to Know Before Buying a Home in Sun City Roseville, California.  

There are several things to know before buying a home in Sun City Roseville.  When I was looking for myself, I was fortunate to find the perfect home for me and my two dogs.  Because I've been a realtor here for many years, I knew what to look for and what questions to ask prior to my purchase. I was also familiar with the floor plans and model variations.  Living here is a dream come true and I'd love to share my dream with you!  Watch my youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RthFUgr5ssM  or read this blog article for seven questions to ask before buying a home in Sun City Roseville:

1. Are there any fees related to buying in Sun City?  

New home buyers pay a one time special use fee to the HOA for access to amenities. This is typically paid for in escrow, and as of 2021, the fee is $3500.  While this fee is considered 'optional',  it really doesn't make sense to move into an active living resort style retirement community if one doesn't pay for and plan to use the amenities.  There are those who ask me if the fee could be paid for by the home seller rather than the buyer.  Its possible, but in my experience, I've never seen a seller pay for the buyer's special use fee.   Inventory has been low since the fee's inception and it is a seller's market.  There is no incentive for the seller to pay this fee.  If this were a strong buyer's market, it might be something a seller would consider.

2. How many Homes are there in Sun City Roseville? 

There are 3110 homes and 25 different floor plans ranging from 878 sqft (Willow Plan) to 2681 (Wilshire Plan).    The most popular models (based on number of homes sold) are the Rosetree at 1343 SQFT, Countryrose at 1476, Shasta at 1547 and Yosemite at 1869.  I've compiled a comprehensive book of floor plans based on square footage which I provide to my buyers.  Click here to make a request if you would like a copy. https://www.retirementcommunitiesplacercounty.com/contact/

3. How Old Must One Be To Buy in Sun City?  Sun City as an active adult retirement community and as such, at least one resident must be 55 years of age or older to LIVE in Sun City Roseville. 

It is important to note you don't have to be 55 years old to BUY in Sun City.  You can buy at any age and rent out the home.  Sun City homes make a great investment.  I bought when I was 53 and I'm glad I did!  Note:  There are additional restrictions around the ages of people who can live in the home.  I'm happy to answer questions about individual scenarios or you can contact the HOA directly.

4. Can You have a Fenced Yard on the Golf Course?

If you have dogs, like me, and want a fence,  you CAN put up a fence on a golf course lot!   The fence will need to follow a set of approved specifications but it is done all the time...here's the one I put up at my home on the Sierra Pines Course.

Email me for the fence company's info at [email protected].

5. Sun City Roseville Golf Courses

Sun City Roseville is Sacramento's #1 rated golf destination. Timber Creek Golf Course is 18 holes and Sierra Pines is 9 holes.  The front 9 of Timber Creek is called The Lakes and has lovely ponds and waterfalls.  The back 9 is called The Oaks and is secluded within the groves lining the fairway.  Because I'm busy with pickle ball, croquet, and selling homes , I don't have time for golf at the moment.  However, my dad, who lives next door, plays just about everyday.  He can help me answer your questions!

6. Sun City is a Golf Cart Community

Golf carts must be registered and street legal.

Because the roads are public, your golf cart needs basic safety equipment such as lights, turning signals, mirrors and seat belts, and a parking brake, to name a few.  We have a resident golf cart expert and repair man here in SC Roseville who can help make your cart legal and get it registered. He lives down the street from me and I'm happy to share his information.

7. How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Home in Sun City Roseville?

Home prices have soared in 2021 with sales from $400,000 to $826,000, an average price per sqft of $327.37 and an average sales price of $524,000.  Average days on market is about 9.  If you are looking to buy a home in Sun City, the best advice I can give you is to partner with a realtor who specializes in this neighborhood and has the inside scoop to help you get a jump on the competition!  https://www.retirementcommunitiesplacercounty.com/contact/.  For more information on Sun City, such as groups and clubs to join and how to play sports such as bocce, pickle ball and croquet, check out my Youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6jmkbWjriWL5pWDDo3SIQ.  As I'm fond of saying, "Living in Sun City is like being on vacation!"  To view homes click this link https://www.retirementcommunitiesplacercounty.com/area/homes-sale-roseville/

About the Author:  Sherri Walker is a "Dog Loving Realtor" living and working in Sun City with her two cockapoos Toby and Sophie,   and most recently, Georgie, our little rescue terrier joined the family!

For more information, contact Sherri Walker – 916-213-1320 or click https://www.sherriwalkerrealestate.com/contact/  or email [email protected]



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